Scrooge 15: Flintstones Christmas Carol

A_Flintstones_Christmas_Carol We’ve done 4 more serious Scrooge versions in a row so let’s take a quick minute to talk about a silly one- Flintstones Christmas Carol.

It’s not good per say but I didn’t think it was awful either.  I think if someone said ‘you are in charge of making a Flintstones Christmas Carol’ I don’t think I could have come up with something this good and there is something to be said for that.

Scrooge- The gimmick behind this version is that Bedrock Community Players is putting on a play and the whole town is involved including Fred who is has let his lead role go to his head .


You kind of have to go with the world of Flintstones and assume that Christmas would exist (and there is a line about Jesus) even though Jesus clearly would not have lived in caveman times.  Just go with it.

So Fred is obsessed with the play and forgets Wilma and Pebbles . At the same time we see the actual play and it is a pretty faithful narration and the animation isn’t terrible.

flintstone marleyMr Slate plays Marley and then when others get sick Wilma ends up playing Past and Belle making Fred realize what a Scrooge he is being.

flintstone wilma pastDifferences- Like I said we are in Flintstone world and there is a play of Christmas Carol within the movie.

Strengths- It does contain a fair amount of content from the story.  The voicework is pretty good.  The animation is bright and colorful.  This isn’t that bad.  Is it good? No but I’ve seen worse. (Better than Smurfs and All Dogs but worse than Disney or Mickey).

Weakneses- The world is just too goofy for Christmas Carol.  It probably shouldn’t have even been attempted and it is strange that they still tried to the sets Victorian for the play.  This is caveman.  how would they know what that all looked like? I know overthinking it but it is sort of strange.

flintstones as future flintstones-christmas-carol-20My advice is put on Mickey or Muppets instead but this isn’t terrible if your kids end up watching it.  I haven’t seen much Flintsones.  Is it worth watching?