N and P’s of My Bluray’s and Vudu Giveaway

Two more of the ABC’s of my blu-ray videos to show you.  I have a new camera and external microphone on my channel and I think you will see the improvement on the video.  If you aren’t subscribed please do.  I would really appreciate it.

I also have a giveaway on my facebook page you will want to check out.  There is a great site called vudu.com where you can rent and own digital versions of your favorite movies.  You can watch them on most blu-ray players or on your laptop, tablet or even phone.  You can also digitize your DVD library for only $1, $2 if you want it in HDX.

Over the last year or so I have a library with over 300 films and I am allowed to invite 5 people who can view said library. I am going to invite 1 fan to have access to the library.   This has Frozen, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Dumbo, other Disney films and other great live action movies.  You can enter multiple times a day through different ways, so please check it out. http://is.gd/Pg2N2S




The A’s and B’s of my Blu-rays

Just thought I would share with you guys a new series I’ve started on my youtube channel.  I am showing you all my blu-ray collection by way of the alphabet (otherwise it would be like an hour long!).

Here are my A’s (2 Disney A’s featured!)

Here are my B’s (1 Disney B featured and some other favorites)

I also did this review of the Disney Movie Club you might find interesting.

And a review I did of the ESPN 30 for 30 5th Anniversary Collection

So check those out if you feel so inclined.  Take care friends! 🙂