Christmas Card 2015

I just wanted to share with you guys my Christmas card for 2015.  I took some inspiration from Inside Out in this year’s design.  I hope that you guys have a joyous holiday season whatever you celebrate. Mostly I hope that you have meaningful experiences and feel loved.   Thanks for making 2015 great and for talking about all these silly movies with me.  It’s been awesome. On to 2016!



Merry Christmas from Me!

Every year I work with a friend of mine at Bitsy Creations to make a custom Christmas card and Valentine.  This is what I came up with this year and I just wanted to share it with all of you.  Thanks for giving this girl from Utah with a hurt knee something to work for. I hope you all enjoy Scrooge Month and have a Merry Christmas or a happy time no matter what you celebrate.

christmas card