Pixar Review 12- Mike’s New Car

mikes new car3I just finished watching Finding Nemo but before I post about that I have 2 shorts to review.    The first is Mike’s New Car which was made in 2002 and included in the DVD of Monsters Inc.

There’s not a ton to say about it because it is more like a deleted scene than a true animated short.  Basically Mike has purchased a complicated new car.  He wants to show it off to Sully and all hijinks occur.

It’s amusing and cute and if you like these characters than you will like the short.

mikes new car

However, even more entertaining is to listen to the audio commentary for Mike’s New Car.  Instead of the normal directors or writers they have director Pete Doctor and Roger Gould’s two sons Nicholas and Liam (respectively) do it.  It is the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.

My favorite line is little Liam’s idea of what goes into making an animated film:

“”they put it on computer and then they work all together having lunch and then they come home at night and when it’s finished we can see it in the movie theater but then when its been in the movie theaters for a while it gets on a video”.

I like how the eating of lunch is an integral part to the completion of the movie.

Nicholas says “I’d like it if they could transfer the car into a boat and drive it into the water”

Liam responds as if he has made this same suggestion before “I think water is really hard to do with computer animation” (funny with Finding Nemo in production!

“And why is it really hard to do water in communication” asks Nicholas

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s just hard to get the blue on the screen?” says Liam.

I thought that was adorable.

mikes new car2Liam says “There’s one part I think is scary when Mike gets hurt in the engine and when gets inside the engine”

“That’s my favorite part” says Nicholas.

When they get in the car and it jumps around and the wipers go off the two boys were cracking up.  It was so cute.

I think more children of directors should do an audio commentary!  It was much better than the short itself.

“I think maybe when Mike’s car goes off the screen he never see’s it again and he buys a new car” says Liam.

I bet he is right.

Overall Grade- B-  Audio Commentary- A+ (Great job kids although they are probably like 18 now!).