Worst Movies of 2016

All right.  The gloves are out. It’s time to take out the trash with the worst films I saw in 2016! I still have some best movie candidates to see so that list may not be for a while but I felt pretty confident in the junk. So here goes! (this is very therapeutic for us film fans!)

15. Suicide Squad-

Incompetently made. Doesn’t feel finished. Hated the Joker. The first act of the movie is Amanda Waller sitting at a table looking at binder. Enchantress was horrible. The script was full of inconsistencies and problems. The fact it made so much money is proof people will see anything with a superhero label on it these days except Fantastic 4.

suicide squad cereal14. X-Men Apocalypse-

This movie annoyed me more than any other live action superhero movie of 2016. It had a fractured story interrupted by callbacks to better XMen movies. It ditches the metaphor that makes the franchise special in favor of a big boring villain in Apocalypse. This is the kind of movie that made me turn against superhero movies for 3 years after seeing Green Lantern. And we get to see Pyslocke in a skimpy outfit fighting at Auschwitz. Just no

xmen apocolypse213. The 5th Wave

One of the most cynical movies I saw all year. I hate these dystopian teen movies and this is one of the worst. It is violent and boring with a twist that is so obvious. None of the characters have any personality or heart to them especially the males. It’s awful. My only hope with it is that with it and Allegiant doing poorly we won’t be getting any more of them.

5th-wave12. God’s of Egypt

White washing issues proved to be the least of this movie’s problems. There is some ‘so bad it’s good’ enjoyment to be had here but holy cow this is awful. Everything is over the top and ridiculous and unintentionally humorous. The characters are inconsistent. Entire storylines do not matter and are forgotten by the script and the acting is hilariously bad.

gods of egypt411. Huntsman: Winter’s War

Sequels to bad movies are typically a bad idea and that is certainly the case with this movie. It can’t decide what it wants to be. It is part sequel, part prequel, part Frozen rip-off and all bad. The acting is awful from normally reliable actors like Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt. The production does look pretty good but the story makes no sense and you just feel embarrassed for all involved while watching.

huntsman-winters-war10. Mother’s Day

It’s a shame Garry Marshall had to leave us with this dud. He could be a great storyteller but this has nothing insightful to say about mothering or motherhood. All of the mothers depicted are caricatures who oddly do almost no mothering in the film. It wasn’t funny. The performances are awful and 2 parent characters are shockingly offensive and not in a funny way.

mothers-day9. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

I LOVE the original Greek Wedding film. It’s honestly one of my favorite comedies and so I was so disappointed by this sequel. It’s one of those sequels that decides to take anything that worked in the original and make it ten times bigger; thereby, ruining what worked so well. The acting was bad. The writing was bad and it really ticked me off.

greek wedding28. Nine Lives

There is some bizarre ‘how did this happen?’ value in Nine Lives but that’s about it. It’s one of the laziest movies of the year. They can’t even get the meowing right in your cat movie. The thing is the Kevin Spacey character isn’t a bad dad. He works a lot but he is actively trying to bond with his daughter and holds a meeting to decide on her birthday present. The script takes some bizarre turns and it’s incompetently made in every respect.

nine-lives7. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This movie bored me more than any movie I can think of in a long time. I sat there hoping it would end. Every scene is characters explaining things to us and I just didn’t care. All the performances are flat and boring. Even Burton’s usual magical touches are nowhere to be found except for a scene with skeletons. He’s really lost all of his edge as a filmmaker. It makes me kind of sad.

peregrine46. Alice Through the Looking Glass

A follow up to the 2010 big hit was a miss at the box office for a reason. The story is beyond stupid with the catalyst for both films turning out to be a lie over tarts! #Tartgate. Johnny Depp is annoying in it and everyone else looks bored. There’s weird touches that come off as grotesque like vegetable people being eaten instead of magical. It is a joyless enterprise which is sad for Alice!

alice-through-the-looking-glass-poster-alice5. Me Before You

I admit this movie is well made but it really offended me. The assertion that suicide is a valid, even brave, choice for those dealing with quadriplegia is offensive and disgusting. We don’t see the lead character go to therapy or try living a full life. We just see the manic pixie dream girl hired to care for him take him to concerts and the beach and then his decision is supposed to be valid? How about you give him a job or help him contribute? It’s most morally repugnant film of the year

me before you64. Batman: the Killing Joke

Speaking of morally repugnant, I have another candidate in Batman: the Killing Joke. This movie takes the graphic novel and turns it into a disgusting portrait of female victimization. Barbara Gordon has no autonomy as a character. She is a tool for the screenwriters to move around whenever they need her to be raped, beaten, and demeaned. The gay character is embarrassing. The supposed relationship between Batman and Batgirl is right out of a soap opera and the interesting questions of the novel are barely addressed. The animation is also very mediocre.

Batman-The-Killing-joke-movie-poster3. Warcraft-

The most befuddling movie going experience of the year. I had no idea what was happening most of the time. I didn’t understand the world or the rules of the world. The characters all looked the same and the conflict between the two groups was confusing. It was boring and the acting was really bad especially from the human characters. I want to give it credit for its scope but I really cant because the story made no sense.

warcraft52. Norm of the North

Quite possibly the worst animated film I’ve ever seen in the theaters and I’ve seen Strange Magic and Home…Everything about this movie is awful. Awful story, characters, writing, jokes, sidekicks, villain, villain plan, animation, etc. You get the idea. It’s the stain on what was a pretty amazing year of animation. Only film I have nothing nice to say

norm1111. The Do-Over

I wish Adam Sandler could have a do-over on his career. This isn’t even a movie. It’s Sandler and his friends going on vacation and filming hateful stuff. The story is awful and mean-spirited. There isn’t one laugh. It’s misogynistic, hateful, homophobic, disgusting and the story is so flimsy it seems hard to believe anyone agreed to air it. It may go down as one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.



13 thoughts on “Worst Movies of 2016

  1. There was a movie worse than Norm of the North, lol?


    I saw ‘Me Before You’ and I liked it and didn’t think it was promoting the idea that suicide is a valid, morally good reason for handicapped people to consider. Even in the movie, some characters voiced this opinion that it’s not a choice he should have. The problem/blame should lie on his parents for allowing him to do the suicide. They should have put their foot down on that and say how it’s not his decision to make.

    I won’t defend Suicide Squad as a good movie. The story is stupid, Enchantress was stupid, and I hated Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker. But, it honestly is one of my fave superhero movies to watch just for the other characters: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, etc. I could just watch a movie with them talking to each other at the bar and enjoy it. It’s a big guilty pleasure movie of mine.

    The only one of these movies that I haven’t seen yet, but want to, is Batman: The Killing Joke. I’m scared though that I will hate it.

    1. Yeah dont even get me started on the parents. I like they hire with someone with no qualifications to care for their son. I found it extremely manipulative and disgusting.
      I really dont think you’d like Killing Joke. To each their own on Suicide Squad. Glad you can enjoy it on guilty pleasure level

    2. In the book those who express opposition to this plan are treated as close minded and hateful. They did a little better with that here but not enough. I feel the entire movement of movie was to get you to celebrate this choice. I found it really disgusting

  2. Yep, a lotta bad films on this list. There is one I disagree with, but I won’t touch on it right now because I honestly haven’t seen it in six months so my memories of it are a bit vague anyway, not much to argue.

    I am surprised that Batman v Superman didn’t make the list; you were quite tough on it in your review (and many would say rightly so). But I do agree that Suicide Squad is a worse-made film, a victim of WB’s last minute meddling.

    1. If you look at my Batman v Superman review I say that I was with the film for the first 30 minutes or so. Then the ending really turned me off. I guess that 30 minutes was enough to keep it out of the bottom 15. It ended up at 103/135. I certainly liked it much more than the Killing Joke

  3. Yeah, most of these movies I didn’t bother with, but the ones I did see on your list I agree with being here. I agree with everything you said on Suicide Squad and X-Men.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had issues with Me Before You. I think assisted suicide isn’t necessarily black and white, but it just felt to me like it was indicating that even with caring family, someone who loves you, etc., as a paraplegic you couldn’t live a full life so dying is better instead. I had a really tough time with that.

    1. Yeah it was appalling. I don’t think a place like that would even allow someone like him to do it. Certainly not without extensive therapy which we never see

  5. I didn’t do a full-fledged list of “Worst Movies” but I did pick three that I hated enough to castigate publicly. Alice Through the Looking Glass made my list as well along with Independence Day: Resurgence and High-Rise.

    Some of my other least favorite films of the year were The Boss, Demolition, The Girl on the Train, Hail, Caesar!, Sausage Party, Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond

    Suicide Squad wasn’t a great film, but I didn’t loathe it. I thought Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was imaginative enough.

    I found X-Men Apocalypse to be rather enjoyable actually. That “Sweet Dreams” sequence alone was worth the price of admission. IT’s really not that bad. I know you’ve read my review but I wanted to cite David Edelstein’s take on that film as well: http://www.vulture.com/2016/05/review-x-men-apocalypse-has-a-winning-ensemble.html

    I didn’t see the rest on your list, but you can take the fact that I avoided them as my consent that they weren’t enticing enough for me to check out.

    Looking forward to your “Best Movies”….

    1. Yeah those were bad except for Star Trek Beyond which I liked a lot. I stand by my thoughts on Miss Peregrines and XMen Apocalypse but I know they worked for others which is cool. Independence day Resurgence was just more forgettable for me but it didnt annoy me as much as these films. Alice is horrible. We agree 100% on that one.
      I think my best list is going to surprise a lot of people and be very unique. 😀

    2. It’s so funny how different people can see things because I pretty much disagree with everything in Edelstein’s review. Oh well. I think when it comes down to it I hated Apocalypse so much the movie was never going to work for me. Miss Peregrines I found the opposite of imaginitive. It really made me nuts watching it

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