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mickey travelingHey guys! I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what is going to be happening the next 3 weeks.  Tomorrow I will see the new Tarzan movie and post a review. Then on Wednesday I am going to Spain to visit my sister.  I will be in Spain until the 11th! If you want to find updates on the trip follow my social media @smilingldsgirl (facebook, snapchat, twitter, instagram) and my personal blog http://smilingldsgirl.com. I should post at least a couple of times on that blog of my adventures (it’s going to be a lot of beaches).

However, never fear! I am not leaving you or my youtube channel high and dry! I have worked really hard to have content ready while I’m gone on my youtube channel including my weekly family movie night and Disney Canon reviews on Wednesday. Here’s a little update!

And then for this blog I am really excited to be featuring a bunch of animation art book reviews!  This will be something different for my blog and I’m excited for you to read these.

OneDrive53Obviously I am going to be out of the country so if I don’t respond to comments as quickly as I normally do please don’t be offended.  I will do my best.

Also I will not be reviewing BFG and other films I would normally watch until well after I get back home.  I will do my best to play catch up when I get back.

Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great summer.  Are you taking any vacations this summer? Let me know what you are doing that is fun! Take care!

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Trip

  1. Have an absolutely fantastic time!

    I was supposed to be going to the Philippines this month but that’s now been postponed to October. (I went to Belfast for a couple of days this week instead.) It’s a wildlife watching trip so I don’t expect it will be terribly relaxing, but it should be fun!

    1. Thanks! That’s a funny swap from Philippines to Belfast but both sound great. What kind of wildlife do you watch?

      1. Belfast was just to sate my travel bug for a little while – since I’m still going to the Philippines, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere too far in the meantime!

        I most like to look for reptiles and amphibians and that’s the focus of this trip, though there will be other interesting things besides.

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