Favorite Villain and Forgotten Disney Songs

I just thought I would quickly share with you guys 2 videos I did this week that relate to Disney music. I participate as part of my youtube channel in a series called The Friday 5. This is where we get a topic and have to pick 5 songs for that topic.

Well, this week the topic was ‘favorite Disney villain songs’. But I got confused and thought it was wild card week so I initially posted ‘favorite forgotten Disney songs’.  Then realizing my mistake I went back and did a villain song post as well (these Friday 5 videos are pretty easy to put together).

I am trying to use songs I haven’t already used on the Friday 5 so a few were out for that reason but I think I came up with good lists. For the Forgotten Songs it is more forgotten by general masses not Disney nerds who read this blog, so keep that in mind.

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

and Forgotten Disney songs

9 thoughts on “Favorite Villain and Forgotten Disney Songs

  1. I am always happy when mother knows best get some love…it’s way underrated. But there are so many villain songs, I would have a hard time to choose….the most obvious omission is Hellfire and one of my personal favourite is Rattigan’s goodbye.

    Also, Sing Sweet Nightingale is my favourite Cinderella song alongside with a Dream is a wish your heart makes, I adore “I’m still here” and the Robin Hood Soundtrack…may I put forward “Not in Nottingham”?

    1. There actually aren’t as many villain songs as you think. A lot of the Disney classics like Snow White or Cinderella don’t have one. But there are certainly some good ones. It was funny amongst the Friday Fivers all of us picked Gaston, which surprised me.I thought it was going to be Be Prepared.
      Not in Nottingham is a good pick. it’s a downer but a good song. I’d say the music in Robin Hood is a little forgotten.

      1. Yeah, I know, remember I wrote an article about it and pointed out that what we consider the classic villain song is actually an invention of the late 1980s. But they all tend to be very, very good.
        I adore the music of Robin Hood partly because in the German dubbing, all the songs are sung by Reinhard Mey who is one of the greatest if not THE greatest German singer. Seriously, look him up. His body of work is very impressive.

      2. Oh yeah. I forgot about that article. I remember hearing that about the Robin Hood German dub. That’s really cool!

  2. I wouldn’t rate Mother Knows Best that high personally, but that’s just me. I’m happy to see Savages getting some love too!

    Out There is quite a forgotten one these days. I feel Ooo-delally isn’t that forgotten now with the Hamster Dance song as well as those recent animal friendship commercials using the song.

    My fave forgotten song is probably O’Malley the Alley Cat from your favorite Disney movie 😛 !

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